Mini Certified Collision Center Calgary

Contemporary Coachworks Mini Certification
Contemporary Coachworks has positioned itself as a reputable and certified collision centre in Calgary, Alberta.

We assure all BMW/MINI car owners of collision repair work that conforms to world-class standards in the international automotive industry. Our primary goal is to restore the original appearance of your automobile based on factory blueprints. Contemporary Coachworks realizes that the BMW/MINI brand is among the posh automobile brands. Hence, owners of these cars deserve the best!

Excellence is the Key
Our Company puts premium on excellence. First and foremost, we employ methods and use tools that are authorized by BMW/MINI. Our equipment originates from unique motor vehicle designs for 100% precision. This means Contemporary Coachworks is capable of achieving the best results that run of the mill body repair shops cannot equal.

It’s mandatory for highly competent technicians of Contemporary Coachworks to enroll in advanced training to obtain MINI certification at Calgary, Alberta. Only qualified personnel can make repairs on customers’ cars. Our certified technicians use original BMW/MINI automotive parts to guarantee the best quality. Repairs are guaranteed for a minimum of two years.

Every year, our technicians undergo extensive training to study the most up-to-date techniques and technologies on the latest BMW/MINI models. In fact, our automated systems are hooked up with technical platforms of this premier automotive company.

At the same time, our BMW/MINI specialists are able to detect issues on your vehicle’s underside and interiors that are usually not seen by ordinary repair technicians. Hence, we can deal with more complicated problems crucial to the safety aspects and performance of your vehicles.

Management of Claims
Contemporary Coachworks also takes the responsibility of assisting clients in pursuing claims with their insurance providers. So, you need not worry about unresolved or delayed settlements.

In doing this, we seek to protect the value of your BMW/MINI investment which is quite substantial. Our collision repair centre is equipped with the right tools and employs highly-skilled workers for this gargantuan work.

Quality is our Business
At Contemporary Coachworks, we constantly allocate resources not only on training but equipment as well to make sure repairs adhere to factory benchmarks in terms of safety and execution.

We take pride in the fact that our repair centre is one of the most valued by top of the line motor vehicle owners in Calgary, Alberta. Quality and customer satisfaction are our guiding principles as we render service to clients.