Tesla Approved Body Shop Repair Centre in Calgary

Contemporary Coachworks Tesla Certification
Motor vehicle accidents can happen anytime regardless of how careful motorists are. In case of collisions, Tesla car owners are advised to bring their vehicles only to a reliable and qualified facility.

Contemporary Coachworks is a highly-regarded certified collision centre in Calgary, Alberta.

Our company has the capacity to perform repairs and parts replacement for your TESLA if it suffers any damages due to minor or major collisions like rear-enders. Contemporary Coachworks employs only the most capable and efficient mechanics who restore your car’s appearance into its original condition.
Contemporary Coachworks in Calgary, Alberta is an accredited member of the Tesla-Approved Body Shop Network. We don’t use any other parts except for original Tesla components. Likewise, our experienced collision specialists go through continuous and relevant training courses. It is mandatory for them to conform to operating standards under the Tesla Body Repair Program for equipment, technologies and tools.

Said program was conceived and implemented so Tesla vehicle owners will only go for certified collision centres in Calgary, Alberta.

Collision Technicians of Contemporary Coachworks utilize multiple processes to guarantee your car is repaired promptly and properly. These include the following:

  • Welding of aluminum parts
  • Durable mechanical joining or fastening techniques
  • Structural bonding
  • Cosmetic refurbishment

Proficiency in aluminium-welding is a must for Contemporary Coachworks collision technicians. We see to it that the welding of critical joints will meet specifications prescribed by Original Equipment Manufacturers together with the aspects of adhesive and mechanical bonding technology. This is an assurance that your car is repaired based on Tesla-Approved Body Shop Network benchmarks.

Extensive training of our technicians is a guarantee that they can deal with all Tesla vehicle platforms like steel, aluminium chassis and body, and multi-technology systems. These include fibre, carbon, magnesium, and strong blended steel.

Why Choose Us?
In choosing a Tesla-authorized collision expert such as Contemporary Coachworks, car owners can look forward to dependable services as well as factory warranties for their vehicles. Prioritize our centre for repairs and benefit from our different services.

Our company has acquired more than 30 years of experience in automobile repairs. We are a one-stop facility that caters to the needs of car owners. We guarantee absolute satisfaction for all clients especially Tesla vehicle owners. As a certified Tesla collision repair authority, Contemporary Coachworks use authentic parts for collision damage issues. This ensures the resale value of your automobile and safeguard warranties.

TESLA vehicle owners in Calgary, Alberta can visit any of our repair facilities for scheduling of required services. Or, call our customer service representatives at (403) 250-1728 South location (403) 237-8833 North Location.